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About Pharma2U

What can use Pharma2u, contact detailes etc.

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1. What is Pharma2u?


It is the fastest and easiest way to order your GHA prescriptions. Just take a photo and upload to the App.

  • FREE delivery
  • Save prescription history
  • Check Duty Chemist on a map

2. How much does Pharma2u cost?

It is totally FREE!

If you pay for your medications, we charge the standard GHA rates.

If you are exempt or have a pre-payment certificate, you won't be charged.

3. Can I use Pharma2u to order medication on behalf of my child of family member?

You can manage your family’s medication with Pharma2u and have it delivered where it needs to go. You will just need to show their IDs when receiving or collecting the medicine.

4. How do I make a complaint?

We take our responsibility seriously and endeavour to provide the best possible care. Occasionally things can go wrong, if you have a complaint please email us at in the first instance. We will do our best to help and appreciate your candid feedback.

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How delivery works

How long it takes, packaging, acute prescriptions, deliveries etc.

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1. How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is FREE for all items. You will just need to select the time slot (morning/evening) and the address.

2. How long would take to get my medication?

Prescription items are normally delivered during the next working day.

3. How do I pay?

If you are exempt then you will not need to pay, otherwise you can easily pay online through our secure payment gateway.

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My Order

Changing delivery address, tracking down missing deliveries, cancellation etc.

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1. When shall I place my repeat prescription order?

We recommend requesting your medication ten days before you will run out of your current course. This will allow plenty of time for us to process your prescription.

2. My order has gone missing - what should I do?

If the app says your order has not arrived in time, please get in touch with us

3. What if I am not at home when my medication is delivered?

Please ensure that you are at the address you selected during the time slot chosen. If you are not there the delivery person will try to contact you, but may not be able to deliver.

4. Can I change my delivery address after placing an order?

If you need to change the destination, please get in touch with us and we can sort it out for you.

5. What should I do if some details of my order are wrong?

If some details of your order are wrong, such as delivery address or prescription, please get in touch with us and we can sort it out for you.

6. How do I cancel my order?

You can do this from within your app Order Details section.

7. Will I need to be in to sign for my delivery?

Yes, we need someone to be there to collect, sign and hand in the prescription.

8. Do I need to hand over my prescription?

Yes, when the delivery person arrives you will need to give them your prescription.

9. What if Pharma2u does not have all the items on my prescription?

We will contact you and let you know of the options, either wait for the items to arrive or cancel the order.

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Managing exemptions, adding prepyament cards, etc.

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1. Will Pharma2u inform me the total amount I should pay before delivering my medication?

Medicines are available at a cost of £2.50 per item on the prescription subject to a maximum charge of £7.50. Dental treatment is only available to children. Adults may be seen for emergency treatment only.

If extra products are added to your order, the app will show the total amount due in the last step or your order and before you complete the payment.